Faiz ul Mawaid al Burhaniyah

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1. A Streamlined System:

The FMB App primarily focuses on streamlining the various aspects of the running of the FaizulMawaidulBurhaniyah. Huzurala TUS blesses mumineen with the responsibility of the khidmat of FMB for a particular period of time--akhidmatwhich requires consistent dedication and effort. The FMB App aims to streamline and systemize the entire proceedings of the FMB so as to enable as smooth transition of records and procedures from one khidmatguzaar to another after one tenure is completed.

2. Better Monitoring:

The FMB App will allow each aspect of FMB from logistics, procurement, inventory to menu, communication and financial management to be monitored through one system which will be accessible to all, yet centrally controlled.

3. Mumin-centric:

It is SyednaMuffadalSaifuddin’s TUS lofty intention that the barakat of FMB reaches every household for the well-being, nourishment and happiness of a mumin. Thus, the FMB app too, aims to make FMB further mumin-centric by keeping every mumin aware, informed and involved with the various activities of the FMB.

4. Professionalism:

Every organization requires professionalism to be able to work for a lengthy period of time. This professionalism and code of conduct is the secret to the success of enterprises which have survived and thrived for generations. Similarly, FMB is an initiative which Huzurala TUS desires to continue till the end of time, thus a professional approach through ventures like the FMB app is vital in the quest to improve and strengthen its working for times to come.

5. Accurate Record Keeping:

Perhaps the most vital benefit of the FMB app is the ease of record keeping at every level. Manual record keeping of such a vast initiative with so many people involved which is spread globally is impossible. Thus, the development of this app will serve to streamline, monitor and record facts and figures to further strengthen organization.

6. Ease of Report Making:

With all records at your fingertips through the FMB, reporting to Vazarat and in HazratImamiyah TUS for a Jamaatwill become easy, effective and accurate.

7. Connecting Stakeholders:

The FMB app is an initiative which will fulfill the vision of connecting all the stakeholders including Al Vazarat, Jamaats, UmmalKiraam, the FMB Khidmat Committee and Mumineen.

8. Feedback:

Feedback is a vital function of the FMB procedure. The FMB app will ease the method of obtaining valued feedback from mumineen and in turn help in achieving the excellence which AqaMaula TUS desires from FMB.

9. Convenience:

What is the aim of technology but to provide convenience above all? Similarly, the FMB app will provide information and awareness about FMB to mumineen through e-mails, messages and alerts. Its interactive features will enable a mumin not only to receive information and give feedback but also inform his respective jamaat about stopping or re-starting the thaali in case of travel.

10. Avoiding Wastage:

The ability of mumineen to effectively communicate with their Jamaat office through the FMB app about stopping or re-starting thaaliwill reduce chances of excess food being prepared andwasted. This is especially to be considered in warmer regions where food goes foul due to extreme temperature.

11. Better Financial Control:

The FMB app will provide thorough monitoring of all kinds of expenditure of all departments of FMB like procurement and salaries. It will give the Jamaat a hawk’s eye view of a mumin’s dues and records. It will also offermumineen the opportunity to view their payment records and dues enabling them to budget effectively for the coming year.